Air Jacket for iPhone X

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Air-Jacket-for iPhone X
ราคา : ฿990
รายละเอียดสินค้า :

No Watermark Micro-dots.

Self-Healing Coating.

Full Four Side Protection.

Camera Lens Cut-out.

Exact Fit Design.

The classic Power Support Air Jacket updated for the iPhone X now looks better than ever :

The new iPhone X is worth every penny you’ve invested so why cover it with an unsightly, boxy, bubble wrapper of a case? Let the iPhone X shine through in the clear, minimalist Power Support Air Jacket.

Our engineers have made an ultra-thin poly-carbonate shell with a self-healing coating to ensure that your phone stays protected and that your case maintains its original crystal clear, clean look.

Detailed design and superior Japanese manufacturing has produced a case that encompasses all four sides of the iPhone X with precise cut-outs for the iPhone’s speakers, camera, buttons and lightning connector.

Protection without distraction.

Clear Matte Finish  : 

The Rubber Black coating is a thin, unique finish that ensures that your phone stays protected plus gives you a grippy feel so that your phone won't slip out of your hand.

The unique Rubber Black finish provides a slight twist on the Air Jacket by still showing off the sleekness of your iPhone X but adding a tweak of rubberized texture to the case.

The case is completely opaque and is a great match for the new iPhone X. 

No Watermarks :

Because of the iPhone’s slick, polished surface, the inner surface of many clear cases stuck to the iPhone producing an unsightly watermark or rainbow effect.

Power Support engineers have solved this problem by putting a slight rise or ridge around the camera lens.

This produces an imperceptible separation between the case and the back of the iPhone preventing unsightly sticking, watermark and rainbow affects.  

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