S-400 Sport Earphone Tips

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Made in the USA using proprietary memory foam materials for the ultimate in-ear headphone upgrade.

Sport Plus (Sx-Series) Tips are the ideal earphone tip for workouts and active lifestyles. Designed with isolating, breathable memory foam, Sport Tips grip better than silicone tips for a super secure fit to keep earbuds in place. The integrated SweatGuard™ protects your earphones and keeps moisture, sweat, and debris out. Say goodbye to earphones falling out of yours ears. Sport Tips mean you can move freely.

Best for : athletes, active lifestyles, sweaty ears

Brand Comply
  • Secure In-Ear Fit

Memory foam expands to fill the unique shape of your ear canal, creating a custom, snug fit to dramatically increase in-ear retention. Comply™ Foam keeps earphone in place even in the presence of moisture or sweat.

  • Superior Audio Experience

With a perfect ear canal seal, Comply™ tips funnel pure sound directly into the ear. Maximize your listening experience with enhanced bass. Hear music how it is supposed to be heard with all its highs and lows.

  • External Noise Isolation

Engineered to create a custom ear canal seal to block out external noise and environmental distractions.

  • Soft Comfort

Body-heat activated memory foam creates an ultra-soft and comfortable listening experience. Comply™ Foam is 30x softer than silicone, reducing earphone irritation and fatigue.

  • SweatGuard™ Protection

Acoustically-transparent filter inside the tip keeps moisture, sweat, and earwax out of the earphone's soundport. Recommended for high-end earphones.

Technical Specifications
  • Colors : Black
  • Length/Height : 10.67 mm ± 0.65 mm (0.420" ± 0.025")
  • Width/Diameter at proximal end (end attaching to device) :
    • Small : 10.67 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.420" ± 0.020")
    • Medium : 12.45 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.490" ± 0.020")
    • Large : 13.97 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.550" ± 0.020")
  • Materials : Polyurethane foam, thermoplastic elastomer (all RoHS compliant). Does not contain latex.
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