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Wet Tissue Super fast dry 60 Sheets

Available สินค้าหมด
ราคา : ฿390
รายละเอียดสินค้า :
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Bottle type :

It is Wet cleaning tissues of bottle type to be able to clean screen of smartphone tablet quickly.

Super fast-dry type :

In pursuit of quick-drying after cleaning, it is super fast-dry type that can remove sebum dirt and fingerprint dirt by person wiping quickly. We use medicinal solution of new prescription suitable for smartphone tablet.

No need to make 2 degrees wiping :

It is not necessary to do 2 degrees wiping without liquid being left to screen, and doing.

Sanitization is possible, too, anytime in cleanliness :

Sanitization is possible, too and can use smartphone tablet cleanly anytime.

We use super extra-fine fiber :

We use super extra-fine fiber and are available as dry tissue even if tissue dries.

Made in Japan of relief :

It is product of Made in Japan of relief.

Technical Specifications

Primary component : Purified water, ethanol (alcohol), IPA, Antiseptic

Materials : Super extra-fine acrylic fiber nonwoven fabric

Dimensions : 140 x 130mm

Sheet count : Entering 60 pieces

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