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iLine - Headphone / Speaker Stereo Splitter

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24-K gold plated connector.

High purity copper conductor.

Low capacitance insulation to preserve transients.

High density sheilding to guard against EMI.

Limited lifetime warranty.

Esigned for pure audiophile sound, all iLine cables are made in Italy from high-quality components including 24K gold plated connectors, high purity copper conductors (you know, the "super-conductor" kind that doesn't oxidize), high density shielding to protect against foreign sound particles, and low capacitance insulation for transient preservation.

This combination of components gives you the best possible signal transmission for pure quality sound.

The device connectors are also smartly designed to fit your smartphone case without being disconnected, and are colour coded for quick and easy identification of their functionality.

As the name implies, this iLine headphone/speaker stereo splitter cable takes a single stereo pair from your device and makes 2 out of it.

Use this on long road trips with your kids (if they like the same movie) or just to monitor new songs you've written on your iPhone.

This is a very handy cable.

It features one 3.5mm (1/8") TRS stereo male plug and two 3.5mm (1/8") TRS stereo female jacks.

Length: 30cm (11.8")

Technical Specifications

Connector 1 Type : 3.5mm mini-jack

Cable Length (mm) : 0.3





desktops and most high end audio equipment

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