TENC case for iPhone 7

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TENC case for iPhone 7
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Just Mobile TENC™ is a masterwork of technical virtuosity: a near-invisible, self-mending case for the new iPhone 7.

Crafted in flexible polycarbonate material with self-healing smart coating, contouring to the iPhone’ s curved edges, the TENC™ will keep your precious phone protected and pristine – offering incredible transparent durability without compromis- ing the beauty of your beloved phone.

Available in crystal clear, matte clear and matte black.

Slim transparent design, bevel edges protecting screen and buttons.

Fully encompassing fit to protect all sides and corners.

Abrasion resistant coating keeping case looking pristine.

Flexible material facilitates easy put on and take off.


TENC case offers a near-invisible protection, letting your iPhone’s true color to shine through.

It is fully encompassing, and tightly fitted.

Consult the blue instruction card inside the package for recommended removal procedure.

The two slits around the bottom corners are designed to make it easier to remove.

If you're using iPhone Jet Black with TENC, you may notice moire "water droplet" effect on the inside surface of the TENC case under some lighting and angled circumstances.

This is normal physics between two highly smooth surfaces (the flat plastic surface and the highly polished anodized aluminum surface finish), and does not interfere with the function of the iPhone or protection of the case.

This effect may appear in all 3 colors of TENC.

As officially stated by Apple, the unique polishing process of the iPhone Jet Black makes it vulnerable to scratches, more easily than other non-Jet Black models.

TENC is a precision case that is tightly fitted to the iPhone.

Installing and removing the TENC case may cause scratches to the sides of the Jet Black iPhones.

Extreme care is advised. 

Technical Specifications

Compatibility : iPhone 7

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