Cuptime 2

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Cutting-edge liquid measurement technology means Cuptime2 has a ±2ml razor thin margin of error. 

No matter where you are, Cuptime2 will record and provide you with real-time updates via its on-cup screen every time you have a drink. 

This technology has been implemented to provide you with an improved user experience and help you develop healthier hydration habits.

Cuptime2 does a lot more than simply record personal water consumption data. 

We have also built the ideal App to support our groundbreaking hardware. 

Our App links you to other Cuptime2 users via an open data interface and allows you to build healthier water drinking habits alongside fellow Cuptime2 users.

Cuptime2 is fully compatible with Apple HealthKit, letting you use your water consumption data in a unified health platform.* Requires iPhone, iOS 9.0 and above.

While creating Cuptime2 our foremost focus was to devise how to fit the most cutting edge water measurement technology into a smart cup designed from the highest quality and most suitable materials. 

We opted to go with the environmentally conscious, Tritan (eco-friendly plastic), and a special sanitized antimicrobial material for the core construction of the cup. 

The surface of the cup has also been improved to make it less prone to fingerprints and more durable and ergonomic than its predecessor.

The all-new Cuptime2 is the result of endless amounts of time spent in the lab refining a product and technology in which we already have years of experience developing. 

This newest model has been improved across the board with better functionality and an upgraded design for increased durability and more impressive aesthetics.

To save you from charging often, we’ve fitted Cuptime2 with a longer lasting 230 mAh lithium cell and streamlined its general power usage.

After just 2 hours of charging Cuptime2 is full charged and ready for 40 days of continuous usage (based on 10 hours of use a day, drinking a cup an hour on average).

We believe creating the perfect charging experience is one of the most important aspects of designing an electronic product so we made no exception with Cuptime2. 

The circular charging ring is designed so that the cup can be placed at any angle on the dock to charge, meaning that the display will be visible to you wherever you are located. 

Wireless charging not only looks sleek and stylish but it is also incredibly convenient.

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