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Our goal was to create the most useful Smart Vacuum Bottle yet that can maintain water temperature and satisfy all kinds of water drinking habits. 

Therefore, we disused all the existing water consumption monitoring techniques and began to develop new ones.

After significant research and testing, we developed the stunning Air-Elastic water consumption monitoring technology.

Air-Elastic technology stands apart from other water consumption measurement techniques because it adds no extra equipment to the outside of the bottle. 

By applying aerophysics, Air-Elastic monitors water volume/consumption by measuring the amount of air in the bottle, all without touching the water.

We’ve completely integrated all of Seed’s smart technologies into the simple act of drinking, so you can enjoy all of Seed’s features while using Seed just like an ordinary bottle.

After closing the cap, Seed displays how much water you’ve drunk, and how much more you need to stay healthy.

Since proper water temperature is without question indispensable for a perfect water intake experience, we have implanted in Seed a highly sensitive temperature sensor that monitors water temperature. 

So appropriate temperature is ready for you any time when you open the bottle.

Since it’s not easy to feel the temperature inside an ordinary vacuum bottle, your mouth is likely to be scalded. 

However, Seed can check if the water temperature is safe for you every time you open the bottle and alert you in a proper way.

Meanwhile, it will also alert you if the water is stale or not drinkable because that it can accurately monitor the frequency of water refills and intake.

We’ve chosen Medical 304 stainless steel produced by Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal as Seed’s main material, ensuring that Seed will be the perfect bottle. 

This lightweight, strong, and erosion resistant steel endows Seed with better temperature preservation abilities and high durability.

Traditional vacuum bottles apply ordinary welding techniques, which leave uneven tiny pores on the surface of stainless steel welding lines because of the high-temperature oxidation during the welding. 

This is also the main reason why the temperature preserving efficacy gradually weakens after the bottle is used over a long time. 

Seed adopts nitrogen welding that can avoid the high-temperature oxidation during welding and makes its temperature preserving efficacy permanent.

Seed’s design philosophy follows that of the classic bottle, preserving the lines and curves with which you are familiar, and creating a comfortable grip. 

However, we’ve revolutionized the structural elements of the bottle by fully adopting cutting edge Air-Elastic technology. 

Seed’s every detail is innovative, yet comfortingly familiar.

We’ve produced a high strength, corrosion resistant cap using 6061 aluminum alloy. 

After 18 production steps, including molding and CNC precision finishing, Seed’s caps are ready. 

All the caps have delicate texture and excellent touch.

A state-of-the-art Air-Elastic water consumption monitoring sensor module is installed at the bottom of Seed’s cap. 

It is able to monitor and record the frequency of your water intake and the water temperature. 

Moreover, its surface is protected by stainless steel sheet and silicone for food.

This newly developed technology, which monitors water consumption using aerophysics theories, is absolutely safe and reliable.

Seed is defined as a light-weighted Smart Vacuum Bottle.

Therefore, we have replaced the charge cable, charge port and complicated charging with our deliberately designed special battery pack, which contains 2 CR2477 lithium-manganese batteries and a super capacitor. 

We hope that it can bring you an unprecedented long battery life. This amazing battery can power Seed for over a year! (Battery packs may be purchased on the official Moikit website)

Based on using Seed 30 times a day.

Seed’s functions will fascinate you, and its glamorous colors and designs will perfectly suit your unique taste. We’ve made Seed with splendid colors and patterns to give you yet another reason to love it.

What Seed can do is more than recording your water intake.We have not only perfected the APP but also opened a data interface. 

By doing so, we have provided the application of these data with infinite possibilities, or integrated your water intake data with the life health data of third parties. 

More information about moikit platform (link to the homepage of the open platform).

Seed is fully compatible with Apple HealthKit, letting you use your water consumption data in a unified health platform.*Requires iPhone, iOS 9.0 and above.

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