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Rookie is a jump rope that works with a smartphone. 

Jump rope automatically records the amount of exercise, 

Count, calories, duration, and goal achievement rate.

More light and simple design, various colors Samrtrope Rookie! 

Get a new experience with SmarteRope App that are even smarter.

Even remove the power button, the power will automatically turn on when you start your workout. 

Store 1000 sets of data, work out as easily as with a normal jump rope and analyze your exercise data. And analyze exercise data on your smartphone.

With the magnetic sensor used in the smartphone, accurate sensing is possible without omission of the jump rope count, and it can be used permanently without limit of the lifetime.

The Smartrope Rookie rope is completely and easily adjustable, and will fit almost everyone. 

The rope itself is light, durable, and smooth, making sure you can jump fast with ease.

The high quality finish and the weight of the handles make sure they fit comfortably in the palms of your hands, with minimal danger of slipping. (Use polycarbonate for product appearance)

Two sets of metal alloy ball bearings in each handle ensure that every jump with the Smart Rope is smooth and effortless, making your exercise even better than before.

Ergonomically designed rope, SmartRope Rookie The convenience and completeness of the design ensure satisfactory usability.

The Smartrope app provides various functions that aid your jumping workout.

By providing useful individual information, it can help create a healthy lifestyle.


It is the most basic mode of SmartRope. Jumping rope while connected to the app will automatically start counting at any time.

The basic count shows the number of daily rope count, calories, time, and goal achievement.


It is a mode that alternates exercise and relaxation.

Interval training can consume a lot of calories in a short time compared to the momentum because the heart rate is maintained even during the resting period.

From the easy steps to the difficult stages, you can choose the strength that suits you and gradually increase it.


You can check your daily / weekly / overall rankings among SmartRope users around the world.

Compete against SmartRope users around the world and get your positions up!


Record your daily exercise and graph it. You can check the monthly / yearly graph to see if you achieved your daily goal.


Compete with friends who use SmartRopes.

Invite your friends to work out together! Through the competition, we put a fire in your fighting spirit.

ETC :  

Supports Apple Health and Google Fitness.(Samsung Health, Under Armor, Xiaomi, etc. - Coming soon)

Wireless firmware update feature for continuous support.

Additional app development such as jumping rope personal trainers and jump games.

The new 'SmartRope' app is compatible with SmartRope LED / PURE / Rookie. 

The existing 'Smart GYM' app is not compatible with the SmartRope Rookie.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer : Tangram Factory, inc.

Size : Body - w28 × h150 × d30 (mm) / Rope - diameter 4.1, length 300 (mm)

Weight Body : (Left+Right) = 105g / Rope (300mm+Holder) = 55g

Connection : Bluetooth 4.0 or later 

Distance : less than 10 meters (depending on version)

Battery : Lithium battery (CR2032, 3V)

Battery life approximately 3 months or more (depending on user frequency)

Battery life on standby about 12 months (remove the battery when not in use for a long time)

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Smart Rope Rookie




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